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Tom Serena

Part-time Teacher

Started in: 2019

About me: When not at Kids’ Corner, I am teacher and educator. I enjoy life to the fullest. I have a lovely wife who is a doctor at MGH and we have a pretty awesome daughter who takes up most of our time. Mental and physical fitness is important for me, I love working out, running, power / weight lifting, and cardio strengthening condition. Also, I wrestled in High School and college and still do to this day. I also enjoy kick boxing and Muay Thai.

Favorite Animal: Dog

Favorite Sports Team: Boston Red Sox

Favorite KC Snack: Cookies and milk.

Favorite KC project/game: Anything outdoors or sports related.

Favorite KC memory: Experiencing the haunted house during Halloween for the 1st time.

Fun fact about me: I love comic books and collecting them. I have been collecting them for over 30 years. Also, I enjoy sci-fi and classic TV shows from the 50s-80s. I also love playing blues music on my guitar.