Jeremy Marshall

Jeremy Marshall

Lead Teacher

Started in: May 2023

About me: I live in Newton, MA with my husband, Carlos and our cat Kali. I grew up in Newton as well and graduated from Clark University in 2016. I enjoy watching the Celtics and Red Sox, going hiking, collecting basketball cards and listening to/playing music. I love being active and goofy with the kids!

Favorite Animal: cats (specifically my cat)

Favorite KC Snack: Cheez itz! A staple in my diet since childhood, haha!

Favorite KC project/game: Animal mashup! This is a meeting game where the teacher gives a student two animals to combine into one (for example, chicken and fish) and then the student has to draw it on the whiteboard while other students try to guess which animals they are drawing!

Favorite KC memory: Hiking and kayaking at Crane's Beach with KC Xtreme

Fun fact about me: I've been playing the drums since I was 12!!