Parent Reviews

Kids' Corner parents have great things to say about us!

My son started as Kindergartner when he was 6, he loves this place. Now he is 8 years old and he still enjoy the fun activities there. The teachers are excellent and professional, I see my son grow up happily.

- Frank S

My kids have been going to Kids' Corner for 4 years and they are in such good hands. Everybody there is "on." I trust the staff completely and never need to worry - about the bus, about the level of oversight, about what they're really doing while they're there. The kids have a lot of fun, especially making Rock Videos and Halloween videos. The summer program is great as well - lots of activities and field trips.

- Stephanie

Our daughter and son have attended Kids' Corner for several years and it is a terrific after-school program. The direct buses from Winchester public schools are a huge help, as parents don't have to leave work to be chauffeurs. The director, Andrew Gentzow, is wonderful: patient, kind, cheerful, fun, understanding of both kids and parents. For a couple of years our daughter was quite a handful, but he understood that she was really a good kid and went out of his way to be supportive and helpful. All the teachers are good as well, and some are truly outstanding. The activities are fun and engaging. I strongly recommend Kids' Corner.

- Elizabeth G

Kid's Corner is a working parents dream come true! It is a wonderfully nurturing, safe and fun place that our two boys have enjoyed from Kindergarten through sixth grade for our oldest and third for our youngest. The activities are not only fun but they manage to sneak in some learning without the children realizing it - designing a town on the whiteboard and then on half of the classroom floor (deciding if the hospital/police should be near the school/homes/downtown and where the phone and electricity lines should go or where the town center should be) or making movies or lip synching in the yearly anticipated rock videos. Of course, my boys love the sports and "Big game" and "Fenway Day" are some of their favorites. The field trips are always ones my boys look forward to, especially the trip to Bear Skin Neck at Rockport. Finally, the staff is just amazing. Andrew, the Director, sets the tone by participating in all events (playing trumpet in the rock videos and batting for Fenway Day) and all of the teachers are educators with a sense of fun (you can almost always see them participating in the games with the children from card games to sports activities). Finally, I have to say as parents of two boys, it is fantastic to have such great male role models in each classroom since they have no male teachers at school other than their gym teacher. We can't recommend this program strongly enough.

- Jen A

Kid's Corner is a wonderful after school program that includes curriculum and activities presented in a fun way for kids of all ages. Moreover, the staff is energetic and fun and provide a supportive and educational environment.

- Jillian

Kid's Corner is a great after school program. The staff is very professional and go beyond what is expected to ensure that each child has a positive experience, taking into account each child's unique challenges. It deserves the highest rating.

- Mark K

My older daughter is in her second year at Kids' Corner, and my younger daughter starts in the fall. We couldn't be happier with our experience so far. The program is full of enrichments and engaging activities, and the amazing teachers foster a positive and nurturing environment. The program covers all of Winchester Public Schools' early release days, and the children typically go on a field trip or have a special program on those days. Special February and April vacation camps are also available, and they feature fun field trips and adventures. The summer program offers children opportunities for swimming, sports, arts, and more, and it is an excellent option for parents needing full-day camp experiences.

- Karen O

My son is in the after kindergarten program, and has really benefitted and grown during his first year at Kids' Corner. The curriculum is enriching, and there is a wide range of educational activities (such mini courses that include visual arts, music and more physical activities) and fun group play time. It is a warm and nurturing environment all around.

- Rakel M

We love Kids Corner and have been associated with the program for several years. My older daughter is an alum and my 11 year old son is a current student and will remain until he finishes 6th grade. Kids Corner provides a fun and safe environment with excellent age-appropriate programming.

- Gina N

I have two girls at Kids' Corner, both during the school year and for much of the summer. It's a fabulous program, where the kids learn a lot and also get ample time to socialize, make friends, and just be kids. My kids have gotten comfortable cooking, and learned everything from sewing to animation and robotics. They also play tons of sports. The teachers are great, and very engaged with the kids.

- Ruth R

My daughter is in the kindergarten after-school program and she loves it. The teachers are wonderful and the curriculum is fantastic. I strongly recommend this program. My daughter has also attended the summer camp and begged me to let her go back this summer. It is a top-notch program with plenty of outside time, fun field trips and high quality care.

- Tamara M