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Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is essential to Kids' Corner as an organization.

Parent Support Philosophy

Kids' Corner is not a cooperative, and parents are not required to put in classroom time or regular hours of service. However, parent involvement and support are essential to the program's philosophy and goals.

Through parent involvement on the Board of Directors, and with the support of the Executive Director, parents determine actual program direction, thus ensuring that their children have the kind of experience they--collectively--desire for them. Regular support from the Board, and occasional help from parents in the Kids' Corner community, frees the staff to concentrate on implementing the Board's goals for the program, and serving the needs of the children. This support also helps to keep the administrative costs of the program down.

This program belongs to you and your children. Your cooperation, constructive input, and contributions--large and small--help determine its success.

Opportunities for Involvement

Parents have many different opportunities to be involved at Kids' Corner, with varying levels of commitment and areas of concern. Most of these opportunities are made know via the Kids' Corner newsletter or through emails reaching out to all parents, while some may be offered via direct appeal to parents who have demonstrated interest. Examples of opportunities include:

  • Attending parent, program-wide, and community events
  • Bringing professional and/or cultural knowledge or skills into the classroom
  • Supporting fundraising efforts, such as donating something for auction, or soliciting an item, or securing a donation from your employer
  • Volunteering for committees
  • Serving on the Board

The Board of Directors

The Kids' Corner Board of Directors is responsible for oversight of the Executive Director, and for fiscal oversight of the entire program. The Board of Directors makes important decisions on policy (such as personnel, security, information, and financial policy), which are published in the staff and parent handbooks. The Board also helps to make financial and hiring decisions during the year, under the leadership of the Executive Board. As an advisory board, it is concerned with any major changes in organizational structure and programmatic offerings. Officers and other Board members donate their time in service to the program.

The Executive Director is responsible for all operations and day-to-day decision-making. The Executive Director reports to board, and seeks feedback as needed and appropriate.

Kids’ Corner Board Members 2023-2024

President: Amy Lovasco  - [email protected]

VP of Internal Affairs: Casandra Calawa - [email protected]

VP of Fundraising and Development: Michael Lee - [email protected]

Board Treasurer: Shavawn Waelsch - [email protected]

Board Secretary: Sonya Rao - [email protected]

Board Members:

Alice Bhukhmohan
Alison Harrall
Eric Sullivan
Michael Gerstenblatt
Jeff Schiller
Tom Stanton
Jeff Duncan
Leigh Tinmouth