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Jetsy Reid

Part-time Teacher

Started in: 2016

About me: When I am not at Kids’ Corner, I teach Pre-K at WCNS. I have three children and love to bike, go for long walks and do 1,000 piece puzzles!

Favorite Animal: Dog (of course!) More specifically poodles or any combination of poodle!

Favorite Sports Team: It’s a tie between The Red Sox and the Patriots.

Favorite KC Snack: Gorp and veggie sticks.

Favorite KC project/game: My favorite project would have to be 3D art and my favorite game would have to be Marble Maze.

Favorite KC memory: My favorite memory is the first time I saw the 2-3 room perform in Rock Videos. The kids were amazing and they had so much fun!

Fun fact about me: I love gnomes! I have at least 10 around my house during the holidays. I also have a Fall and Spring gnome so my house is never gnomeless!!