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Nadine Thorndycraft

Administrative Assistant

Started in: 2018

About me: I am originally from Hackensack, New Jersey, butI grew up in Winchester and now live on the Winchester/ Stoneham line with my dachshund, Colonel Wilhelm Klink (Klinky for short). I like to read and do arts and crafts in my spare time. I also love to decorate my home for all holidays from Ground Hog Day to Christmas and everything in between.

Favorite Animal: Dachshunds

Favorite Sports Team: New England Patriots

Favorite KC Snack: Chips & salsa (minus the salsa.)

Favorite KC memory: I would have to say when all the classrooms did a theme day for Holidays Around the World. It was very educational and fun to see all the traditions from other countries.

Fun fact about me: I spent a lot of time in school, I have 7 degrees from a BS to a Pharm D and a PhD in Forensic Dermapharmatoxicology.